I like to fill time taking photographs and creating interesting and unique images within my mobile phone, or cellphone. Often I'll start with a basic image taken on a cycle ride or similar and gradually change it into something a little different using a variety of free applications stored in my cellphone. The starting image is usually a photograph, but I often draw pencil sketches and use those as the base image as well.
I rarely have any idea how it will turn out when I start, it just evolves stage by stage which is what makes it interesting.
I use a simple HTC desire s phone loaded with two free photo apps available on google play. I also use a pencil and paper! I started using some images as screensavers and wallpapers on my phone and my laptop, they work really well for those.
I don't claim to be a professional photographer, just a guy with a cellphone making pictures and enjoying it! The main reason I do this is to distract my mind from painful and damaging thoughts, dominated by events in my recent past. Distraction helps. I guess it's some kind of therapy, anyway, it is what it is!
Each image is copyright protected so please don't lift them. If you like them and are interested in having an image just message me and we'll arrange something. Thanks.